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A Gut Feeling

There can be many causes of a sore tummy with pets. Max, a seven year-old German Short-Haired Pointer presented to The Ark Vet with a sore tummy and vomiting. After Max was admitted into hospital and put on fluids, we took radiographs (also known as x-rays, as seen below), that showed us that Max had something in his bowel that was not budging. After a chat with Max’s owners, and going through the long list of common objects that cause such a blockage, it was revealed that Max loves to grab peaches off the kitchen table, and eat them! They also mentioned that Max had done exactly this about three weeks ago.

mysterious max

Max’s owners consented to exploratory surgery to find and treat the obstruction. At surgery, a peach seed was found blocking Max’s bowel. The offending seed was removed and, with the help of The Ark nursing team, Max has made a full and speedy recovery.

Below are two of the radiographs of Max’s abdominal cavity, helping us to identify the blockage.


Max is now enjoying being back at home with his owner, and peaches are strictly off the menu from now on!