Pamper your pet on valentine’s day!

Pamper your pet on valentine’s day!

It is Valentine’s day! A day that we globally celebrate love.
For those with pets, Valentine’s Day offers the ideal opportunity to honour a love unlike any other: The love for a beloved pet.
Sharing Valentine’s Day with your pets can create a lasting memory or just provide the opportunity to spoil your best friends with what they love most in the world.

Not so sure how you can spoil your pet on Valentine’s day? Do not worry we have some tips for you:

Pamper your pet

Just like humans, pets love to be pampered. Give them an extra brush, bath them and combine that with a lot of cuddles. Or just book in a grooming appointment with our wonderful groomer Julie. Julie and the team will make sure that your pet will be fully pampered and receive many cuddles in our relaxed pet salon.

Give your pet their favourite treats

Valentine’s Day is the ideal time to spoil those we love with the things they love the most. It’s no different for your pets. Since you should NEVER give your dog any chocolate, give them something to wag their tails about. Buy them their favourite food  or maybe bake them some treats. We have yummy treats and food available, so please walk in and let one of our friendly staff help you with your choice.

Spoil them with something new

Most pets love to play so buy your pet a new toy or even a new bed or blanket . A scratching post is a wonderful gift for your cat (and your furniture).

Spend time with your pet

We can buy our pets all the presents in the world but their favourite is your attention. Pets like company so take your dog for an extra walk (and play with other dogs), give your cat an extra scratch behind the ear or play your bird’s favourite music.

We wish you and your pet a Pawesome Valentine’s Day!