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Should I get pet insurance?

Owning a pet is expensive, and these prices can increase exponentially if your pet gets sick, injured, or develops a medical issue. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could say yes to treatments that your pet needs, regardless of their cost? This is essentially what pet insurance is helping owners do.
There are many reasons to insure a pet. The main reason is to avoid the financial burden that comes with treating your pet for an accident or unforeseen illness. Taking out pet insurance early on in your pet’s life is the best option, as any conditions treated prior to taking out a policy, will be regarded as ‘pre-existing’ and will not be covered in the future.
The flip side of the argument is “What if I have a pet-savings-fund, and put $200 into that every month instead?” That theory is all good and well, unless your pet tears a cruciate ligament 10 months after you get them. You have to fork out up to $4000 for the surgery, plus ongoing care, and end up out of pocket, with no savings! And here’s hoping your pet stays completely healthy for the next year!
Pet insurance is for the expenses that you cannot budget for. We don’t anticipate our cat getting falling off the balcony and breaking a leg, and we don’t foresee our dog getting tick paralysis, and requiring critical care in an after-hours hospital. These are the reasons for pet insurance.

Which company should I choose?

As much as we would like to, we are unable to tell you which company to choose for your pet’s insurance. As with all insurance, it is best to do your own research, and choose the cover that will give you the maximum benefit for your means.

We can recommend that you focus especially on companies that offer comprehensive cover for tick paralysis, hospitalization costs due to an illness, and emergency treatment due to trauma or injury.

Below are links to pet insurance companies that already help Ark Vet clients and their pets:

Is making a claim easy?

Depending on which pet insurance company you have chosen, the ways to claim are relatively straight forward. Most companies will offer online claims, as well as hard copy applications. The benefit of online claims is that they are easy to track, and are supposedly settled quicker. However, either method can be used.
Unlike human health insurance, you will have to pay your veterinary bill up-front, and then claim for a reimbursement from the insurance company.

To make your first claim, the insurance company will ask for a complete veterinary history for your pet. This can be easily obtained from The Ark Vet; just ask, and we can email it directly to your company of choice.
Be mindful of the time you have to make a claim. Some companies require claims to be submitted within 90 days of treatment, and others will allow 12 months.