Flea, tick and parasite control

Flea, tick and parasite control

Flea and tick control

Parasites such as fleas can make life uncomfortable (and itchy!) for both you and your pet. Tick bite in Australia can lead to life threatening paralysis in both cats and dogs, and so tick prevention is imperative throughout their year for your pet’s health.

Reduce risk of ticks

Over the counter treatments such as frontline and advantix can be given to your pets to reduce the risk of tick infection, which when combined with a tick collar provide a more comprehensive protection. However, if you find a tick on your pet or notice the signs of tick paralysis  then bring your pet into the Ark straight away so we can administer the appropriate treatment as quickly as possible.

The Ark also provides an annual heartworm injection for dogs as well as a variety of tablets to prevent intestinal worms in dogs and cats, which can be administered here by our nurses or at home every few months.

A combination of parasitic treatment and vaccination enables your pet to live a comfortable and disease free life. Book a consult today to organise a vaccination schedule and discuss the best parasite prevention options for you and your pet.

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If you want to read more about flea and tick control please read our article: Flea, ticks & Worms. You can book a FREE tick and flea check by clicking the button below to make an appointment.