Puppy courses

Puppy courses

Puppy course at the ark veterinary hospital in Lindfield

A puppy course is invaluable in the young life of your dog. Not only for the dog but also for you and your family. How your dog grows into adulthood has part to do with nature, his genes and parents. But nurture, his life experiences, play the biggest part. The critical period in a puppy’s development is 4-16 weeks. At this time they need to be exposed to other dogs, people and novel situations. It is important that the puppy is prepared and guided as well as possible in his new life. New impressions, desired behavior, a certain rhythm. For all of us very logical, but unknown for your puppy.

A puppy course can provide indispensable support. With a puppy in the house you have your hands full, there is so much to be thought of!It is precisely this puppy course that can ensure that everyday situations and desired behavior are introduced right from the start. The owner is actively guided and builds a bond with the puppy at the same time.

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