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The Ark Veterinary Hospital is equipped to conduct a range of surgical procedures on a daily basis. Dr Joe has years of experience in soft tissue and orthopaedic surgery.

The Ark’s surgery is sterile and we use modern anaesthetic equipment to ensure the safest procedure for your pet. Our vets and assisting nurses scrub-up (in the same manner as for human surgery), and wear sterile gloves, gowns, caps and masks. We perform a range of surgical procedures, including castration and spey surgeries, oral surgery, lump removals, exploratory surgery and cruciate repairs.

Our veterinary nurses are always on-hand during these surgeries to assist, and monitor your pet until they are fully recovered and ready to be discharged. Our surgical area is connected directly with our treatment room which means minimal patient transport post-surgery.

If you would like to discuss a surgical procedure, or get a second opinion from one of our veterinarians, please call us now to book an appointment so we can meet your pet, and give you an estimate of costs.

If your pet is coming in for surgery, or if you have any concerns about their operation, please read our FAQ on Surgery & Anaesthetics.

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