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Reorder Medication Policy

Prescription (S4) medications

For legal reasons we can only dispense prescription (S4) medications if your pet is under our current care .This is defined as  where we  have examined your pet  within the previous 12 months .

Ongoing monitoring and medication supply

Your pet ages much quicker than we do. It is  necessary to see your pet frequently through the year if they have long standing conditions. If your pet is on anti – inflammatory medication , or has a condition such as diabetes, heart or kidney disease ,they should be seen more regularly.This may be every 3 or 6 months after the initial stabilisation period.

Medication dosage may need to be adjusted and blood tests performed to ensure liver and kidney function are adequate.

Our experienced team

Dr Joe has completed further training in the area of veterinary pharmacology (Member of the Australian and New Zealand College of Veterinary Scientists ). At the Ark our team is  able to ensure your pet always  receives the safest and most appropriate medication.A range of factors need to be considered when prescribing medication including your pet’s breed, interaction with other medications , other health conditions, monitoring requirements and safety of the drugs involved.Our veterinarians are specifically trained to consider these factors in formulating  your pet’s treatment plan.

Please contact us before changing any medication dose or altering the treatment plan.

Our purpose

At the Ark Veterinary Hospital we are dedicated to caring for your pets with expertise and kindness. This has been and always will be the purpose of our practice.