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Pet Grooming

Every pet loves good pampering!


Grooming at the Ark

Even our pets love a good pampering! Grooming for both dogs and cats can really make a difference in your pet’s quality of life. At the Ark we offer a range of services tailored to best suit you and your pet. Our groomers have over 15 years of experience in both dog and cat grooming. They strive to provide your pet with the full salon experience in a relaxed setting. We make sure that your furry friend is looking (and feeling!) their best.

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dog and cat grooming
Pet groomer at the Ark

Meet our groomer!

The Japanese are renowned for their fabulous grooming, The Ark is very lucky to have the services of some of their highly trained groomers on the Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.
This is Momoka who works for us on a Wednesday. 💕 She loves all the animals and does a highly skilled job of their grooming.

What our customers say:

How often should I groom my pet?

Depending on what breed your pet is, their groom requirements may vary:

  • Long and curly haired breeds (labradoodles, poodles, cavoodles, moodles etc.) = coat clipping every 8 weeks
  • Dense-coated breeds (samoyeds, pomeranians, huskies, collies etc.) = coat strip every 6 weeks to reduce shedding and keep their coat fluffy

We recommend a regular routine along with regular brushing at home. This will keep your pet’s hair free of matting and in good condition. It also makes grooming a more pleasant experience for your dog or cat and help keep them smelling fresh and clean.

The benefits of grooming your pet

We live in a beautiful country, but Australian summers are hot. This can make life uncomfortable particularly for breeds of dog and cat with longer fur. Regular grooming, particularly in the summer months, can help keep your pet much cooler. Regular brushing helps keep your pet’s fur and skin in good condition and free of burrs and knots. Helping them stay clean and avoid fungal infections.

Australia is home to the paralysis tick, which can be life-threatening in both cats and dogs. Keeping your pet clipped shorter during the tick season can make tick management much easier and help you keep your pet tick free!

Read more about preventing ticks.

pet grooming
Dog hair cut

Grooming Services offered at the Ark

We want to be able to provide your pet with the most suitable clip for their breed, size and the quality of their coat. Before your first groom with us, we highly recommend a free consultation with Jon of our groomers on the morning of your first appointment. This way they can get to know you and your pet and discuss the most appropriate cut based on your pet and your preferences.

We also have a range of different shampoos for pets with sensitive skin or skin conditions to minimise any discomfort. Bathing is carried out in a specialised hydrobath to ensure that your pet is sparkling clean. The Ark offers a range of different services, and fees vary depending on your pet’s size and breed. Come and have a peek at our lookbook to see the different sorts of clips that we offer!

  • Dog grooming – we offer an impeccable dog grooming service on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.
  • Cat grooming – Cat grooming is carried out under sedation from Monday-Wednesday
  • Throughout the week the Ark also offers bathing, blow drying and nail trimming services