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Boarding at the Ark

Let us help you take the stress out of boarding your furry friend. We are experts in making sure that your cat or dog is well looked after, cuddled and given lots of tlc.

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Boarding for dogs and cats

Your dog or cat’s wellbeing and safety while you are away on holiday is always a primary concern. It adds an additional layer of stress onto planning a holiday. The Ark team has been caring for cats and dogs for many years.

We are experts in making sure that your cat or dog is well-looked after, cuddled and given lots of TLC. Let us help you take the stress out of boarding. There are many options for both cats and dogs. So that you can have peace of mind that your furry friend will be experiencing the best of care. They will have their own little holiday while you enjoy yours!

Read everything you need to know about boarding at the Ark:

  • Our cat boarding facilities
  • Nutrition and special diets
  • Special care and veterinary treatment
  • Making dog boarding easy

To book pet boarding please call the Ark at 02-9416-1300 or email us:

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Special care and veterinary treatment

The Ark is an ideal place to house your cat. Particularly if they require regular medications, as these can be administered by a certified nurse. When you bring in your cat, please bring any medication with you along with instructions about the dosage and what the medication is for. This way we can correctly give the medication and also monitor your cat’s health. We look out for and quickly identify any signs of illness.

If your cat or dog is ill while you are on holiday they can be directly seen to by the veterinarian on duty. We will always contact you and advise you if they require any medical treatment while you are away. By boarding at the Ark you can have peace of mind that any distress felt by your cat will not go unnoticed. They will receive quality veterinary care if needed.

Nutrition and special diets

The Ark provides a high quality dry cat or dog food during their stay with us. We supplement this with canned food depending on your pet’s preferences. We also stock a wide range of specialist, veterinary-recommended food for cats or dogs on special diets. For example, to support their renal health or to manage allergies.

If your cat or dog has any dietary requirements, please let us know so that we can cater to them and ensure they are getting the nutrition they need. When your cat or dog arrives, our nurses are also happy to consult with you over what is the most appropriate nutrition for them during their stay. We know that pets can be fussy (and we love them for it!) and prefer the food that they are accustomed to. You are welcome to bring your own food when your cat or dog comes to board with us so they can continue with the same diet they have at home.

Making dog boarding easy

We love to take care of your dog if you need a place for it to stay for the day. They’ll get a comfy bed, any food that they need as well as walks and cuddles throughout the day so that they don’t get bored! However for extended holidays we recommend that your furry friend goes to a kennel to board.

We recommend Meadowmist Kennels – since dogs are social animals, kennel facilities give them lots of space to run around in as well as interactions with lots of new friends. So they too enjoy a little holiday while you are away. Meadowmist is located in Londonderry, and so has wide open spaces for your dog to enjoy plenty of walks and social interaction with other dogs. They have been providing quality and trusted boarding services for dogs all over Sydney and ensure that your dog is given the highest standard of care and comfort.

At the Ark we want to take the stress out of boarding, and so act as a drop-off and pick-up point for Meadowmist. We will safely transport your dog to and from the kennel for you. It’s as easy as bringing your dog to the Ark in Lindfield on the day you leave (along with any toys they want to bring with them!), and then coming to pick them up from the Ark when you return.

To book pet boarding please call the Ark at 02-9416-1300 or email us:

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