pet dental care

Pet Dental Care

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Pet dental care 

It’s important to remember that it’s just important for your pet to visit the dentist as you! Pet dental health is crucial for quality of life. By bringing your pet to the Ark for their dental care, you can ensure that they will be treated by nurses and veterinarians specially trained in veterinary care. Using human-grade dental equipment, we can carry out a range of procedures that will reduce your pet’s discomfort and help prevent smelly breath.

Read everything you need to know about your pet’s dental health:

  • Complimentary dental health checks
  • Tooth cleaning for dogs and cats
  • Dental x-rays
  • Tooth extraction
  • Good pet dental hygiene at home

To book a dental appointment please call the Ark at 02-9416-1300 or email us: .

Pet dental care
pet dental care

Tooth cleaning for dogs and cats

Is your pet is suffering from gum disease, bad breath or a build-up of tartar? The Ark offers tooth cleaning for both dogs and cats. The procedure is very similar to when we go to the dentist to get our teeth cleaned and polished. Our veterinary surgeons and nurses are trained in dental procedures. We use human-grade dental equipment to clean and polish your pet’s teeth.

All dental cleans are carried out under a light general anaesthetic to minimise your pet’s discomfort. As well as reducing bad breath, getting rid of excess tartar reduces inflammation in your pet’s gums. Making life much more comfortable for them. If combined with a good home dental routine, you can maintain your pet’s dental hygiene at home afterwards. Which reduces the chance of having to undergo dental extractions in the future.

Testimonials from our customers:

Dental X-rays

Dental X-rays are a non-invasive tool that help us to identify any compromised teeth and if any extractions need to occur. The X-rays are carried out under sedation to keep your pet as comfortable as possible. They give our veterinary surgeons a comprehensive picture of your pet’s mouth before we begin dental treatments. X-rays allow for targeted extractions if necessary. This improves recovery outcomes, reduces discomfort and minimises the chance of having to perform further surgery.

Complimentary pet dental check by our qualified nurses

At the Ark we understand how important dental health is for your pet. That is why we offer a complimentary dental check with our nurses who have been specially trained in dental care. Here we can assess your pet’s dental health, and develop a nutrition and treatment plan to improve and maintain their teeth. We also inform you about preventive pet dental care and what you can do yourself.

Around 85% of dogs and cats are affected by gum disease. So it’s important to diagnose and treat it as early as possible. Read more about our complimentary nurse consults or call with one of our friendly staff on: 02-94161300

Pet tooth extraction

When teeth don’t grow in the wrong direction or are very severely affected by plaque, sometimes it is necessary to perform a dental extraction. Normally we carry out extractions during dental cleaning procedures. We will always contact you if we feel an extraction is necessary to get your consent.

Our veterinarians strive to maintain a full set of teeth. But sometimes removing one or two can make a real difference in improving your pet’s dental hygiene and comfort. Especially when it comes to eating. During the extraction, we remove the damaged tooth, and neatly stitch up the gum. Your pet will be send home with antibiotics as well as pain relief so that they can recover as quickly as possible.

Good pet dental hygiene at home

While dental treatments are available at the Ark, preventing gum disease is the best way forward! There are a number of things you can easily do at home to keep your pet’s breath smelling fresh and their teeth clean:

  • A dentist recommended diet regime. We recomment Hills Prescription Diet T/D. The biscuits are specially shaped to maintain good dental health. Since they are large and fibrous, when your pet chews them they help strip off any plaque buildup on their teeth. It can be hard to get your pet used to a new food, so ask our our nurses for their best tips and tricks to help them adjust.
  • Treats for your pets that also help maintain good dental health. Greenies and dentastix, if given regularly, work in the same way as dental food. It’s a win-win situation, as your pet gets a delicious treat, but the more time they spend chewing on it, the more it works on cleaning their teeth.
  • A special toothbrush and animal toothpaste. You can do this for both dogs and cats with a special toothbrush that fits onto your fingertip like a rubber glove. Remember that human toothpaste can burn and aggravate your pet’s gums. At the Ark you can purchase pet toothbrushes as well as pet-friendly toothpaste in flavours more palateable to them like chicken or beef. With a bit of training, tooth cleaning can be done daily, and is the most effective way to prevent dental disease.
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