Diagnostics for pets

Diagnostics for pets

The Ark is equipped with modern diagnostic equipment, so we can give a quick diagnosis


What is Pet Diagnostics?

Pet diagnostics is a term encompassing a variety of tools. We are using these tools to learn more about your pet than from just a physical examination resulting in better diagnosis, treatment and care we give your pet. The Ark is equipped with modern diagnostic equipment. Most of the diagnostic testing can be done in house.

Our team is experienced in pathology and radiology, and are getting results as quickly as possible. Enabling us to diagnose and treat conditions as early as possible also early diagnosis reduces your pet’s time spent in hospital and improves the outcome of many different conditions.

Read more information on when we offer diagnostic testing. As well as all the different diagnostic tests we offer at the Ark and the benefits that they can have on your pet’s care:

  • Pre-surgery blood tests 
  • Pathology 
  • Digital X-ray and imaging
  • Ultrasound
  • Urinalysis 
  • Faecal analysis
  • Fungal/Yeast infection screening
veterinary diagnostics

Diagnostics | Pre-surgery blood testing

Before your pet comes in for surgery we make it our priority to rule out any existing health conditions. These might compromise their health during the anaesthetic, operation and recovery. In addition to a physical examination, we also recommend a pre-anaesthetic blood test. We performing this simple blood test in house, with results in as little as 30 minutes.

It detects health concerns that cannot be detected by the physical exam alone. Such as blood cell count, liver function and levels of important minerals and electrolytes. If we are detecting any abnormalities we adjust the anaesthetic procedure or delay surgery if necessary. Minimising the possibility of complications during or after anaesthesia.

Diagnostics - pathology


At the Ark we are offering a wide range of pathology tests.  These are instrumental in assessing your pet’s health. Similar to human pathology, a blood test is giving us important information. Examples are; hormone levels, kidney and liver function, as well as the presence of certain parasites. These tests are also helping us to monitor long term medical conditions. Developing a wellness profile and diagnose new conditions.

In addition to blood tests, we are also sending away other samples for further testing and analysis. We have an in-house laboratory and are performing most of the tests immediately. Any other tests are safely sent to a pathology lab and the results obtained the following day. We are using these diagnostics results to give your pet the most relevant treatment and correct medication if needed.

Diagnostics | Digital X-ray and imaging

Digital X-ray are taking X-rays more quickly and with less exposure that traditional radiography. It reduces the stress and radiation that your pet is exposed to during the procedure. The resultant photos can be viewed digitally therefore showing clearer and at a higher resolution than film-based X-rays.

The Ark is equipped with modern digital X-ray technology. We are using it to identify underlying dental problems, broken bones as well as any abdominal obstructions. Chest X-rays can also diagnose many conditions that affect your pet’s lungs and breathing without any invasive procedures.


The Ark has an ultrasound machine – and it isn’t just used to let us know if a dog or cat is pregnant! Ultrasound is a low stress and non-invasive diagnostics tool that involves no radiation. We are using it to diagnose many different conditions. It is allowing us to see the heart, liver, kidneys, spleen, bladder and uterus of your pet and identify any abnormalities.

While non-invasive your pet may have to have a small area of fur near the ultrasound site clipped. So we can apply the ultrasound gel and make them as comfortable as possible. Your pet may be sedated for the procedure. By using these precautions we are improving the accuracy of the diagnosis and minimise any discomfort felt by your pet.

Diagnostics - ultrasound

Diagnostics | Urinalysis

Something as simple as a urine sample can be extremely valuable in identifying conditions. Such as diabetes as well as assessing things like kidney function in your pet. We are performing urinalysis in house. It acts as a tool in creating a profile of your pet’s overall health. Urine tests are also helping us with the dosage as well as effectiveness of some medications.

Faecal analysis

Faecal analysis assists us in identifying the cause of the symptoms. Particularly in pets experiencing gastroenteritis, vomiting or diarrhoea. Whether they are caused by bacterial or viral infection. These analysis are helping us administer the most appropriate treatment. Improving your pet’s rate of recovery. We are performing these tests in house.

Diagnostics | Fungal/Yeast assays

Is your dog itching their ears a lot, or frequently shaking their head? Particularly in dogs with floppy ears, both fungal and yeast infections are common. These can be both itchy and painful, and if left untreated, can lead to more serious hearing damage. Microscope analysis of a swab of earwax are showing if there is any infection present.

At the Ark we are carrying out further diagnostics tests to identify the cause and provide you with medication to treat these conditions. We are recommending you get these tests taken if your dog is coming in for grooming Because we do not pluck fur from any pet’s ears if they have an infection to prevent their discomfort. The earlier these infections are picked up, the less discomfort your pet will feel, and the easier they will be to treat.

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