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Complimentary nurse consults

We offer a range of complimentary health checks to keep an eye on your pet's overall health.


Complimentary Pet Health Consults

We recognise the importance of maintaining good health in your pets, and in many cases the best approach to this is prevention! The Ark is dedicated to taking great care of your furry friends, and so offer a range of complimentary pet health consults to keep an eye on your pet’s overall health. It’s easy to book an appointment either online or over the phone with one of our friendly nursing staff. Complementary consults offered by the Ark include:

  • General pet health consult
  • Weight management consults
  • Nutritional consults
  • Dental consults

If you have questions about our complimentary nurse consult pleas call us at: 02-9416-1300. We look forward to seeing you and your pet.

Complimentary Pet Consults by Qualified Veterinarian Nurses

General Pet Health Consult

General pet health consult

Our pet health consult is an overall checkup of your pet’s general health. Our nurses tailor the checkup depending on your pet’s stage of life. Needs change and different health concerns, such as arthritis, become more prevalent as your pet gets older. These pet health consults are a good opportunity to ask any general questions about your pet’s behaviour, as well as the future direction of their treatment. Upon request, we can create a treatment plan for your pet to keep them in optimum health. These checks include:

  • Ensuring your pet’s vaccinations and worming treatments are up to date
  • A comprehensive flea and tick check to ensure your pet is free from parasites
  • Checking your pet’s weight and general condition
  • Trimming your pet’s nails if they are too long
  • Advice on puppy training courses for young dogs
  • A behavioural questionaire and advice on enstilling good behaviours in your pet
  • Checking your pet’s breathing and heart rate

Nutritional Pet Health Consult

Our nurses are qualified nutritionists and have been trained in the nutritional management of your pet. Nutritional pet health consults are not just for pets that are overweight. They can also be useful for pets as they get older or if they have health conditions that may require a specialised diet. Upon request, we can formulate a meal plan tailored to your pet’s needs. These consults include:

  • Information on how your pet’s nutritional needs change throughout their life
  • What to feed your pet – whether this be a normal food or a prescription diet
  • How much to feed your pet
  • Alternative foods and additions such as wet food and treats
Nutritional pet health consult
weight-loss for dogs and cats

Weight Management Consults:

If you suspect your pet is overweight, bring them in to the Ark for a weight assessment. Our nurses can check your pet’s weight and based on their age and breed, determine if they are overweight and identify a healthy weight range for them.

From here, we can direct you to our new weight loss program to support your pet to reach a healthy weight – with help through nutrition, an exercise plan, regular weigh-ins and rewards when your pet reaches their weight loss goals.

Read more about our pet weightless program.

Dental Pet Health Consult

If your dog has smelly breath or you notice them having difficulty eating, particularly dry biscuits, then they may be suffering from gum disease, which can be painful and lead to tooth loss or infection in both dogs and cats. Our nurses are specially trained in identifying and assessing the state of your pet’s dental health, and if necessary can aid you in creating a treatment plan. Dental pet health consults include:

  • Examination of your pet’s mouth to identify any build-up of plaque or evidence of gum disease
  • Advice on how to best manage your pet’s dental health at home through diet or home cleaning
  • If required, we can provide you with estimates for any dental X-rays, cleaning or extractionst that need to occur so your pet can live and eat pain free

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