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We have teamed up with Outback Tails, an Australian owned company that offers quality products for dogs (we are still working on finding the right kitty friendly company – stay tuned!).

We chose this company for a variety of reasons, not only are they Aussie owned, they have aboriginal art designs on all their collars, leads and bowls, as well as native Australian animal toys! The biggest bonus for us is they support rural communities by donating 10% back to the artist, as well as a portion to the Australian Wildlife Conservancy to help save native Australian animal habitats from destruction.

For the month of December, we will be donating 15% of all profits made from sales to the Port Macquarie Koala Hospital who are helping our native animals after the devastation of recent bushfires.

If you are searching for the perfect Christmas present for your furry friend while helping out other furry creatures drop in at the Ark to see the collection.


The Ark Pet Store

At the Ark pet store you can find all products that keep your pet happy and healthy. Our friendly staff will help you with all your questions or will advice you what products are best for your pet individual needs. If you are not sure what nutrition you pet needs you can always book a free nutritional consult. Our full trained nurses will check you pet from head to tail and recommend which nutrition is best.

Pet food

The Ark is dedicated to give you the best nutritional advice and best quality nutrition. Therefore we work with the nutritional products of Hill’s We stock a wide variety of specialised food products which are tailored to meet the nutritional needs of every pet. This include food for weight management, puppies, senior pets,  joint care and dental health. Good nutrition can change your pet’s live so you have more quality time to spend together.

Anti-parasite products

We also have a range of anti-parasitic products designed to most efficiently prevent fleas, ticks and worms in your pet. These can easily be administered at home in the form of sprays or gels which can be applied to the back of your pet’s neck. For dogs tick collars are also available, which are an important preventative measure against tick infection.

If you want to know more about our pet food or anti-parasite product you are welcome to walk in or call us at 02-9416-1300 or email us at: 

Behavioural products

We offer a wide variety of behavioural products at our store in the Ark. Feliscratch’ by Feliway. This awesome new product is supposed to help save your furniture and direct your cat to the scratch post instead! For more information about our behavioural products please call us on 9416 1300 or feel free to drop in and have a chat to our friendly nurses 🙂


ADAPTIL – Adaptil is a behavioural product that reproduces the appeasing pheromones of the female lactating dog. When the puppies are suckling mum, these pheromones are secreted and act as a reassurance for the puppies. In adult dogs, Adaptil can recreate this calming effect. It comes in 3 different forms; an alcohol based spray that can be used for bedding, a room diffuser, and a collar. The spray can also be used on a bandana or piece of fabric to be wrapped around the dogs neck.

THUNDER SHIRT – A thunder shirt is essentially a jumper for a dog, that is wrapped tightly around the chest and waist using Velcro to simulate a “hug”. Some dogs respond well to the added pressure on the chest, and it can calm them during scary situations such as thunder storms, loud noises from builders and travel. It should be used in conjunction with other behavioural modification/training methods for best effect.

KONG FOOD DISPENSERS – A kong is a hollow rubber pyramid that is filled with food (ie kibble or cubed meat loaf) and sealed with a tasty spread such as peanut butter or wet dog food. The idea is to distract the dog and give it something to work on that will take a while. This stimulates the dogs mind as they try to maneuver the food from the kong. By distracting the dog, and giving their brains a ‘workout’, it avoids unwanted and destructive behaviours when they are left alone. It can also be used when there are guests in the house, to calm the dog and allow them to focus on something else – rather than doing laps around the dinner table!

It is also great to be used with dogs that eat their food too quickly. By slowing them down, it can reduce the risk of emergency cases such as bloat.


FELIWAY – Feliway is the sister product of Adaptil for cats. It is the female queen’s (mum cat) pheromones that are present during the first couple of months of the kittens life. It is available as an alcohol based spray for bedding, a room diffuser, and more recently as a liquid applied to the cats scratching post. This product can help reduce a variety of unwanted behaviours such as general anxiety, scratching furniture, inappropriate urination and fights between the household cats.

Pet Nutritional Consult

Our nurses are qualified nutritionists for your pet. At a pet nutritional consult they check the overal health of your pet and focus on healthy weight. Upon request, we will create a specific meal plan including:

  • What to feed your pet, whether it is a prescription diet, or a general food.
  • How much to feed your pet
  • Alternatives and additions, including wet foods and treats

Read more about our complimentary services by clicking here.

Book a complimentary nutritional, health or dental check.