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Puppy Training

Help your puppy grow into a confident, well-behaved and sociable dog!

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Puppy Training at the Ark

Puppy Training has so many benefits not only for your puppy, but for your family as well. Puppies have a critical growth period between 4 and 16 weeks. In which the way they are nurtured, played with and their experiences with other dogs will have a significant impact on their nature as an adult. It’s important during this time to expose your puppy to other dogs, new people and different situations, so that they are prepared for everything that life will throw at them.

With our busy lives, sometimes it can be hard to set aside time to do all this. This is why puppy training can be a lifesaver, as it brings together important training skills and socialisation techniques. Our classes are run by experts who are able to help you with any behavioural questions you might have along the way.

If you have questions about our Puppy school or would like to book in for the next available course, give us a call on (02) 9416 1300.

Puppy training at the Ark

When should I enrol in Puppy Training?

You should enrol your puppy into Puppy Preschool when they are between 8 and 16 weeks old (after they have had their first set of vaccinations). This is within their critical window of development, so the things they learn during this time are likely to remain with them throughout their adult life.

After the socialisation period ends (once they pass 16 weeks of age), a puppy may be more likely to be hesitant, unsure or fearful of new experiences.

It’s so important to make sure your puppy has every opportunity to succeed. We want to encourage gentle exploration and calm, positive experiences. This is vital to increase their chances of becoming well adjusted and able to cope easily with day to day life.


More details about our Puppy Training

Our Puppy Preschool runs for 4 weeks at a time on Tuesday evenings and Saturday afternoons. A new course will begin on the first Tuesday of the month, bookings permitting.

The course is conveniently held at the Ark Veterinary Hospital with our wonderful trainer Danielle from Confident Canines.

By keeping the class size small (between 3 and 5 puppies), we are able to give your pup our full attention, as well as letting them socialise with other dogs in a controlled environment where they will not get overwhelmed.

What can your puppy expect to learn?

  • Basic commands (sit, stay, stop, lie down) and how to come when called
  • How to get your dog used to being handled by other people
  • Good behaviour on walks and how to behave off-lead
  • House training
  • How to prevent chewing, biting and other bad behaviours
Puppy Training

The learning doesn’t stop there! Call us today to learn more about what experiences are included in our Puppy Training on (02) 9416 1300.

Meet our trainer: Danielle

Danielle’s background is in human psychology (Masters in Clinical Psychology). Over the years, her interest in dog behaviour and training kept growing and growing. Indeed, the basic methods for treating fear in people and dogs are very similar. The only difference is that you can’t explain what you are doing to the dog, which does make it a bit trickier!

Danielle has completed certifications in dog training through Sydney TAFE and trained by two very experienced and successful dog trainers, Steve and Vicki Austin. These courses involved hands-on experience with a variety of dogs and focused on the science of training and dog behaviour. She is currently an Obedience Instructor at Brush Farm Dog Training Club and a member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers (APDT) Australia.

“I believe dogs play an important role in our lives and deserve to be treated with patience and kindness. I believe many people would be surprised at the amazing things their dogs are actually capable of. I aim to make it easier for people to live happier and more fulfilling lives with their dogs.”

Danielle lives with four dogs – Elly, Crosby, Pippin and Rory. They make her laugh every day and are constantly providing her with opportunities to learn more about dog behaviour. Danielle trains her dogs in competition obedience, tricks and scent detection (nose work).

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