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Wellness Health Check

Wellness Pet Health Check

We recognise the importance of maintaining good health in your pets, and in many cases the best approach to this is prevention.

The Ark is dedicated to taking great care of your furry friends, so we recommend a yearly wellness pet health check for all younger pets and a 2 yearly health check for seniors to ensure your pet is in top shape.

During this visit, one of our veterinarians will carry out a thorough physical examination to check for any pre-existing or developing conditions. We want to help your pet live their best life. Our teams are happy to answer and address any concerns relating to teeth, weight, behaviour, skin or any other issues your trusted canine companion may have. Early detection and treatment of lumps, as an example, is easier when they are small compared to when they become larger and potentially more difficult to treat.

If you have questions about our wellness health checks please call us at:
02-9416-1300. We look forward to seeing you and your pet.

What is a Wellness Pet Health Check?

General pet health consult

Our wellness pet health check is an overall check-up of your pet’s health. Our veterinarian can tailor the check-up depending on your pet’s stage of life.

The pet health check includes:

  • Ensuring your pet’s vaccinations and worming treatments are up to date
  • A comprehensive flea and tick check to ensure your pet is free from parasites
  • Checking your pet’s weight and general condition
  • Advice on puppy training courses for young dogs
  • Advice on instilling good behaviours in your pet
  • Checking your pet’s breathing and heart rate

Diagnostic tests such as a blood or urine test may be required to assess your pet’s internal organs and provide us with vital information on how they are functioning. If changes are detected in the body or your pet’s health status, we can create a treatment plan for your pet to keep them in optimum health.

The early detection of disease and illness means early intervention. This is especially important as our pets get older and start to experience age-related problems. These health checks are also a good opportunity to ask any  questions about your pet’s behaviour and health, as well as the future direction of their treatment.

Weight Pet Health Check

If your pet is overweight we will discuss with you how you can manage this. Our staff has been trained in the nutritional management of your pet. Nutritional pet health consults are not just for pets that are overweight. They can also be useful for pets as they get older or if they have health conditions that may require a specialised diet. Upon request, we can formulate a meal plan tailored to your pet’s needs. These consults include:

  • Information on how your pet’s nutritional needs change throughout their life
  • What to feed your pet – whether this be a normal food or a prescription diet
  • How much to feed your pet
  • Alternative foods and additions such as wet food and treats
Nutritional pet health consult
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