Why Your Pet Needs a Pedicure Too

Why Your Pet Needs a Pedicure Too

As we step into summer, it’s time to get those feet ready to hit the beach and book in a pedicure. But have you thought about a pedi for your pooch too? They need grooming just us much as we do. Here are some reasons why it’s so important….

Pets need their nails cut too

Your pet’s nails are made out of keratin, just like ours, except that the quick of the nail extends into the nail itself, unlike ours. This means that if you cut into the quick, it can be very painful for your pet.

Generally, walking your dog regularly on hard surfaces will keep their nails neat. It’s important to walk on a variety of outdoor surfaces, like footpaths, sand and grass. Doggy nails aren’t designed for smooth surfaces like tiles and timber flooring, so if they start slipping or you hear them clip-clopping down the hall, it’s time for a trim.

Cats are a little different, in that they are very good at grooming their nails themselves, but that means they get very sharp, very quickly. Providing your cats with a scratching post or scratching mats is a great idea not only to save your carpet or furniture, but to help your cat keep their claws healthy. They will still need to have a trim regularly, as long sharp claws can get stuck easily in carpets, clothes and skin!

If you are unsure of how to cut your pet’s nails by yourself, it’s best to book them in with your local vet to have a professional save you and your pet the trauma of knocking the quick, resulting in stinging, bleeding nails.

Paws pads are important too…

The pads on the bottom of the feet provide extra cushioning, provide protection from the heat and protect the feet from rough ground. A gentle clean will keep them in tip top condition. It’s also important to check the paws regularly for any signs of injury, foreign body (such as glass or stones) or infection which may go unnoticed. Left untreated, these can turn into nasty ailments.

The Ark Vet has skilled, caring vets and veterinary nurses that are dedicated to the health and wellbeing of your pet. Give us a call today on 9416 1300 to book in a pedi for your pet.

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