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Winter Wellness | Ark Vets

Winter Wellness | Ark Vets

Winter Wellness tips

Winter is well and truly here! June 2017 has certainly begun with an emphatic reminder that winter has come, and there are a few key things to remember for our pets.

Firstly, although we are in the colder, winter months, there are still ticks about! Unfortunately, we have still been seeing cases of tick paralysis in the lead up to, and even during, winter! Ticks thrive in warm, moist conditions, meaning that even just a few warm days, coupled with rain,  provide the perfect environment for ticks. To keep your pet safe, make sure you continue with your regular tick prevention throughout the year. Check out our FAQ page on ticks, fleas and worms for more info.

Secondly, older pets or those with joint problems often suffer from flare ups in their osteoarthritis. Some of the warning signs for osteoarthritis include difficulty rising out of bed in the morning, stiffness in the hind limbs, exercise avoidance or not wanting to go for their normal walk. If your pet has any of these signs, call us and have a chat about how you can help keep your pet comfortable over the cooler Winter months.

Lastly, be sure to keep your pets warm! It may sound obvious, but our pets feel the cold just like us. A warm, sheltered area is a must for outside, although not normally necessary indoors unless you have a short-hair breed. For pets living indoors, make sure they have plenty of blankets to snuggle up with. Jumpers are a practical (and trendy!) option to keep your pet warm when they head out with you, or simply for lazing around the house on rainy days!

If you have any questions regarding your pets health, please do not hesitate to contact Ark Vets on (02) 9416 1300.