Preventative Pet Care – what is it, and why bother? 

Preventative Pet Care – what is it, and why bother? 

What is preventative pet care?

Your pet’s health is important to both us and you. That is why it’s our aim to make sure that we have the best health care programs to protect your pet in all stages of their life. Preventative pet care is different to normal veterinary check-ups or taking care of your pet when you notice that something is wrong. It’s about adopting strategies that will reduce the risk that your pet will become sick in the future.

Preventative Pet care changes throughout your pet’s life.  At the Ark we can provide different services that minimise potential illnesses from puppyhood to old age. 

Types of preventative pet care:


Vaccinations are extremely important particularly when your pet is young, but also throughout their adult life. A vaccination gives your pet a tiny dose of an illness. Not enough to make them sick, but enough to alert their immune system to the disease so they will not get it in the future.

We provide vaccinations for many life-threatening diseases that affect dogs such as parvovirus, canine cough and hepatitis, and those that affect cats such as feline enteritis and chlamydia. These vaccinations are first given in your pet’s first 6 months of life. Booster shots are necessary every year after that to ensure they remain protected

Parasite prevention

Unfortunately, pets are prone to contracting parasites such as fleas, ticks and worms. All of which can severely impact on their quality of life and even require hospitalisation. To prevent infection from occurring in the first place we recommend a parasite treatment. Some preventative measures include tablets or topical applications which repel these parasites or kill them if your pet is currently infected. 

Dental care

Poor dental health can easily go undiagnosed and can be extremely painful for your pet. Progressive dental decay can require tooth extractions. However, maintaining good oral hygiene can prevent this from occurring. This involves using foods that aid in maintaining oral health, as well as regular, low grade scale and clean treatments (just like you might get at the dentist). To keep your pet’s teeth clean and their mouth pain free. 

Weight management

Excess weight can put your pet at risk for a variety of health conditions, such as diabetes, osteoarthritis, and can increase their chance of getting conditions such as cancer. The Ark offers complimentary nutritional consults and weight management plans to ensure that your pet is eating the correct amount of the right type of food. We can provide you with strategies to keep your pet’s weight in a healthy range. By doing this, you pet has a much lower risk of developing conditions that may require a higher level of care. 

Elderly pets

The conditions that affect our pets change as they get older. Their risk of dental problems and arthritis increases due to years of wear and tear. Regular appointments with your veterinarian allow them to look out for the early signs of these conditions, monitor them and provide treatment if necessary. Often early treatment will prevent the symptoms from getting worse, keeping your pet as comfortable as possible as they reach a ripe old age. 

Preventative Pet Care

Importance of Preventative Pet Care:

There are many reasons why you should make preventative pet care a part of your pet’s veterinary treatment. In the long run, it is of a much lower cost to the owner. Compared to the costs of multiple tooth extractions, or an admission to treat tick paralysis, or a lengthy hospital stay to cure your pet of a vaccine-preventable disease. The costs of vaccinations, anti-parasitic treatment and basic dental monitoring is considerably less.

Think of it as a type of insurance for your pet’s health in the long run. Particularly with vaccinations, preventative care both protects your pet but also other pets that it may come into contact with. Whether they be your own, or friends at the dog park. Being up to date with these measures also makes it easier for you to access grooming, boarding or walking services. These often require your pet to have vaccinations and anti-parasitic care!

But most of all, preventative care ensure that your pet has a good quality of life and is at a lower risk of disease, so you can spend as much time with them as possible. 

Preventative Pet Care at the Ark:

At the Ark, we strive to make preventative care as streamlined and easy for you as possible. So that your pet remains healthy and you can have peace of mind about their safety. We offer vaccination packages for both puppies and kittens, which provide all the vaccinations required to give your new pet the best start to their life. In addition, we also provide a variety of anti-parasitic treatments, and have an automated text message system that reminds you when your pet is due for another treatment. If you struggle to give your pet a tablet, you can always come into the clinic and one of our friendly vet nurses will assist you. 

By ensuring that you bring your pet to regular check-ups, our veterinary team can monitor different aspects of your pet’s physical health. As well as any changes in their diet and behaviour. From this, we can pick up any potential issues and create strategies to protect your pet in the long term. Similarly, we offer programs tailored to elderly pets and overweight pets, to manage their conditions and minimise their risk of future disease.

The Ark runs a well-established dental program, providing dental consults with comprehensive X-rays that paint a clear picture of your pet’s oral health. As well as predicting any future problems. From these initial X-rays, we can offer a variety of treatments to fix any existing problems or maintain good levels of oral hygiene.